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Officine Parolin offers support to the Trinx Factory Team

Officine Parolin offre un supporto al Trinx Factory Team

For the 2023 season we have chosen to offer our products to the Trinx Factory Team, an Italian team that will be engaged throughout the season in the most important national and international XCO competition fields.

3 supports chosen by the team:

- Stabilus: easy to fold and perfectly stable, the team chose our best seller to be able to safely store the bikes under the paddock air stands and make the final adjustments before leaving for the race

- Opus Home: the transportable version of our OPUS caliper, a light, easy to transport and highly functional solution for carrying out any type of maintenance on the team bikes. In the garage, between one race and another, or directly in the team area, with Opus Home you can intervene on the bike at any time

- e-team bike rack: this stand has been specially developed for teams and all those occasions in which it is necessary to store a large number of bikes in an agile and functional way in order to be able to store and remove them while minimizing encumbrance. In fact, the e-team bike rack is useful in the competition fields but also outside a bar, a mountain refuge or a shop to give all customers the possibility of storing the bike quickly and keeping it safe.

This collaboration will certainly be of great value to us, both from the point of view of our image and the quality support it will provide to the team during the races. It will be an aid for mechanics and athletes, simplifying operations in the competition fields.

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