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Agilis Power - innovation at the service of bicycle mechanics

Agilis Power - l'innovazione al servizio dei meccanici di biciclette


Since the presentation of Agilis, Officine Parolin technicians have never stopped continuing development. After numerous prototypes, the study of market needs, the application of small improvements and three years of testing, Agilis Power was born. A workbench that incorporates all the strengths of Agilis and adds an electric motor, to facilitate maintenance in the more specialized Service Centers.

With the introduction of Agilis the lifting effort of the heaviest bikes was drastically reduced, now with Agilis Power the effort is reduced to zero! Thanks to the automatically operated platform, the tilting element and the electric motor, it is now possible to lift the bike with the work surface at a height of 80cm without any effort and without NEVER having to bear the weight of the bike.

In designing the Agilis Power, nothing was left to chance, every little detail was taken care of to offer mechanical Service Centers a robust and ergonomic product, where all types of maintenance can be carried out on the bike.

The electric motor allows you to lift the worktop completely in just 8 seconds and adjust the height to make quick adjustments, being able to work on each component at the right height. The electric motor is powered by a cable that can be connected to a common electrical outlet. It is possible to have the Agilis Power in the version complete with autonomous battery that allows you to work without any electrical connection, for an estimated autonomy of two days of intense use.

Designed to solve the weight problem of e-bikes, with Agilis Power it is possible to work on any type of bicycle. In fact, thanks to the patented fork fixing system and the adapter bushings, the accessory kit allows you to carry out maintenance on e-bikes, racing bikes, city bikes and any MTB model.

The fork fixing system and the adapter bushings are the same as those of Agilis, with some small improvements, the result of feedback collected over time.

The wheel center on the front, the trays set directly on the work surface and the integrated wheels to be able to move it easily, are all details that give added value to Agilis Power, making it the perfect work partner for all specialized workshops.

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