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Parolin workshops in Velofollies

Officine Parolin a Velofollies

Officine Parolin is a well-known reality in the Belgian and Dutch cycling market, and our presence at Velofollies testifies to the desire to establish and expand its position in this market. Velofollies is in fact considered the reference cycling fair for these markets, an event in which companies in the sector present their new products and their most innovative products. Officine Parolin's participation in Velofollies therefore represents an important opportunity to make itself known and consolidate its position on the market.

VELOFOLLIES is a trade show that covers the entire bicycle market, offering a wide range of options for every type of cyclist. All kinds of bicycles can be found at the fair, from racing and MTB bikes to trekking, retro, hybrid and city bikes, as well as modern e-bikes. The fair also features a wide selection of cycling accessories, such as helmets, clothing, cycling books and much more.

Hosted in the stand of our distributor Vincere Insieme, we presented our collection of the innovative stabilus easel in its 2.0 variants, stainless steel and in the blue and red colours.

In addition to the Stabilus which is currently the best-selling Officine PArolin product globally, we took the opportunity to exhibit the Agilis Power, the best solution for those looking for a workbench that does not involve the need to lift the bike . In fact, whether it's the lightest racing bikes or heavy electric bikes, thanks to the Agilis Power electric motor and the various supports with which to anchor the bike, it will not be necessary to lift the bike in any way.

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